An innovative, frameless design, Sky-Frame is leading the way as the next generation of stylish and extremely modern doors. 

Opening up living areas and creating the comfortable and relaxing environment you’re looking for, sky-frames can offer it all. 

The design, style, and type of doors around your home are what make it stand out. This is why choosing the right style of door can be vital in achieving your vision for the property. 

Precision engineered to offer you modern, frameless sliding door systems, Sky-Frame from Clear Living offers homeowners a high-quality, incredibly stylish solution while remaining functional and secure. 

In this post, we explore some benefits of Sky-Frame and why they continue to increase in popularity. 

Types of Sky-Frame 

With various door openings available and multiple configurations for running tracks, with Sky-Frame technology, you also benefit from being able to add additional features at the design stage such as hygienic ventilation, electric drives, glass corners, opening into recesses, opening corners, and more. 

Types of Sky-Frame include: 

  • Sky-Frame Slope (sloping)
  • Sky-Frame Arc – (curved) 
  • Sky-Frame 2 – (double glazed) 
  • Sky-Frame 3 – (triple glazed) 
  • Sky-Frame Pivot – (pivot opening) 

A professional and highly experienced design and installation team (like the team at Clear Living) will be able to talk you through all of your options and the best solution for you, a solution that meets your requirements perfectly. 

Sky-Frame benefits 

Create a feeling of space 

If you’re looking to create space, open up areas of your home, and combine indoor living with the outdoors, then Sky-Frame doors are the right option for you. 

Enhancing the architecture of a room and maximising spacial structures, these door systems easily enable the flow of space, sound, light, and air into a property as they are installed flush against walls, ceilings, and floors, with only 20mm of the vertical glazing bar visible. 

Providing you with an elegant interior without the clunky frames, you have a choice of design options, including ceiling height window fronts, organic curves, and sloping glass units, allowing you to create the ultimate living environment. 

High level of security protection 

Providing you with 100% peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, Sky-Frame doors are manufactured using an adhesive bond and operate using a robust multipoint system. 

What’s more, you can also add additional security features to your systems if required. 

Sun and insect protection 

These precision-engineered systems can provide you with a high level of convenience, especially when opting for additional features such as the Sky-Frame sun. Here you can make use of the durable blind system, providing you with the perfect shading solution. 

Alternatively, the insect screen with Sky-Frame can act as a great bug deterrent, with the screen retracting fully into the frame, keeping it out of sight when not in use. 

Both features provide maximum weather resistance and a high degree of stability. 

Aesthetically appealing 

Providing homes with more natural light and greater views is one of the most significant benefits of these slimline doors. 

The smooth, polished glass provides an elegant exterior. And the sliding glass doors can increase the amount of natural light into a property, making areas feel larger, airier, and look a lot more contemporary – often the perfect finishing touch to any modern housing project. 

Breathing light and life into any space, frameless sliding doors provide you with an opportunity to maximise your space, to bring the outdoors inside, in an unobtrusive way. 

Providing you with panoramic views with Sky-Frame, you can make the seamless transition from indoors to outside. More than just a view, now you can open up your home like never before. 

Energy saving 

Sky-Frame profiles are thermally insulated, carrying with them a high U-value, offering you excellent insulation and energy savings, especially when paired with double and even triple glazing. 


Sky-Frame systems are renowned for adding a contemporary look and feel to a property. In addition, due to these systems consisting of 95% glass rather than frame, they’re also timeless, meaning they won’t clash with their surroundings and internal decoration and style. 

Safety is paramount 

Installation of Sky-Frame includes embedding tracks into the floor for safety. Tucked away out of sight, making them less of a tripping hazard and wheelchair friendly. 

Installation, when carried out by professionals, is also straightforward, keeping disruption to a minimum. (To find out more about the installation of Sky-Frame doors, make sure to check out our post HERE.) 

At Clear Living, we can design, supply, and install all-sky frame window and door systems. With many years of experience in the industry and providing a level of service that is second to none, make now the time to modernise old structures and transform your residential or commercial property. 

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By Cathy