Clear Living has developed a brand new thermally broken aluminium frame specifically for the installation of structural glazing.

By combining a polyamide barrier within an aluminium extrusion we have been able to improve the energy efficiency of windows, properties and eliminate problems caused by condensation.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit different glass widths, the Clear Living thermally broken aluminium frame is one of the most low-profile and low-visibility fixings on the market adding to aesthetic appeal of a build.

Clear Living’s Kristian Hansen, said:

Our Cold-Bridging Solution is an example of how Clear Living continue to innovate in the sector.

By improving the thermal properties of the window we are able to prevent problems such as condensation and mould from affecting a structure.

We are pleased to announce the solution has now gone into production and has been successfully used on commercial and residential projects.

For more details on the thermally broken aluminium frame contact Clear Living on: 01606 45109

By Jane Hansen