All glass bifold, sliding, and frameless doors are stylish, elegant, and now extremely popular in residential homes and commercial properties.   

Structural glass glazing is inviting, welcoming, and warm, letting in a prolific amount of natural light and opening up spaces and views like never before, creating a stunning and unique result for any property. 

However, at Clear Living, we know that opening up your home in such a way, putting what feels like everything on display, can cast doubt on the level of security and safety that structural glass systems can provide. 

We understand that everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, to feel confident in the knowledge that the windows and door systems you have installed will keep you, your family, and your belongings safe and secure. 

The good news is by incorporating the right high-quality structural glass into your property; you can still achieve a high level of security. 

Structural glass systems 

All glass walls and systems are increasing in popularity due to their ability to create beautiful, visually stunning spaces. By incorporating glass structures into your design, you can instantly achieve a striking and bold look. 

These systems also increase natural light, which research has shown helps to improve our mood, health, and overall well being. 

However, there is still the small issue surrounding the misconception that structures made of all glass are less safe and secure than more standard, traditional structures. 

In this post, we want to show how these structures not only provide the same level of security but can also offer you so much more. 

Is glass safe? 

No matter what type of structure you opt for, whether an all-glass front for a retail unit or full-length glass bi-fold doors for a home extension, safety and security should be the two top priorities. 

Due to technological advances, the glazing industry utilises the most innovative design techniques to ensure all products are of a high standard and even higher quality. 

Suitable for residential and commercial properties, all-glass systems can include multi-point locking systems, toughened and laminated glass, and there is also the option of additional features and functionality to structural glass, depending on the design and installation. 

For example, the installation of high-impact glass will ensure that your home is near impenetrable. 

Security systems and intruder alarms can also be fitted to structural glazing systems and a professional structural glazier will be able to help advise you further on the most suitable option for you. 

Types of security glass available 

There are various types of glass available depending on your requirements. For example, you could opt for fire-resistant, shatterproof, bulletproof, insulated, self-cleaning glass, glass with anti-condensation properties, and more. 

Security glass, in particular, is specifically designed to offer a higher level of protection for your property. 

Toughened or tempered glass – protecting against any knocks and scrapes, toughened glass is installed to the outer part of the glazing system (with the laminated pane installed to the internal elements of the system), making the complete structure virtually impassable. This type of glass is suitable and often found in frameless glass walls, staircases, doors, and even load-bearing floors, as it is found to be four to five times stronger than ordinary glass.  

Laminated glass – follows toughened glass to offer a secondary level of safety and security, opening up numerous glazing possibilities. In addition, laminated glass is stronger and more secure than standard glass panels, proving to delay forced entry by four minutes or deny access completely. Laminated glass can also withstand certain impacts making it suitable for both residential and commercial properties. This type of glass offers great functionality matched with a high level of protection. Different laminates can also be used to further enhance the appearance including the incorporation of polycarbonate sheets. 

Benefits of structural glazing 

  • It helps reduce noise pollution
  • It offers an element of solar control
  • Vision of luxury
  • Provides unobstructed views
  • Natural light helps to improve mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress
  • Blends into the design of a building
  • Economically and ecologically beneficial
  • Becomes a seamless part of the property

Structural glass walls invite the outside world in, while still providing you with security and comfort. 

At Clear Living, we work with you to provide the most suitable glass-safe, structural glass systems.   

We design and install the highest quality products that can fully integrate into any design concept. We use only tried and tested glass that has passed all appropriate and relevant stress tests, and with Clear Living, you don’t have to compromise on safety or security to receive the glazing system you want. 

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By Cathy