Sky-Frame products are known for their incredible quality and the attention to detail that goes into each product. You’ll find that there are so many options on offer, which is why this solution can be added to almost any property. Keep reading as we discuss some of the most popular Sky-Frame products and what they can be used for to create a more light and airy home for your family. Check out the full range of products at for more information. 

Glass Balustrade System – Litefront 

Litefront was created back in 2010 and offers a sleek balcony solution for homeowners and residential properties. It’s ideal for anyone that wants to still enjoy the views that their building affords while also protecting you and your family from falling. 

Sliding Door Feature – Hurricane 

This glass door solution from Sky-Frame helps to make your home appear lighter and brighter. You’ll appreciate the natural light that enters your home while also benefitting from a set of sturdy sliding doors. This solution can be used on both windows and doors and is hurricane-tested for your safety and security. 

Recessed Sliding Door Feature – Pocket  

The Pocket design from Sky-Frame means that your room can be opened up to the outdoors without the glass door or window remains visible. The sliding door is recessed, which means it’s out of sight while you let air and light into your home. 

Frameless Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Original 

As one of the original products, you can find the Sky-Frame Original in homes across the country. It’s ideal for all climates and is available in Classic, Arc and Slope systems. It’s mounted in aluminium frames and is made of insulating glass units. 

Insulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Slope 

Installing windows at an angle can often be tricky, but this is where the Sky-Frame Slope comes into play. It allows the glass fronts to have an inward or outward inclination and can also include frameless windows in the installation. 

Frameless Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Plain 

The main difference between Sky-Frame Plain and other similar options is that the tradition between the inside and outside is hidden and flush-fitted with the floor. It slides along a narrow gap in your floor, and the space between the tracks is covered with flooring to match the interior of your home. 

Glass Door – Sky-Frame Pivot 

With a light push, the Sky-Frame Pivot will open around its axis. This can be built into the existing architecture of your home and enhance any room without a beautiful glass door with a slim profile. 

Insulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Inline 

Fixed window panels are integrated into the sliding door system with inline support posts. This slim post is just 30 mm in width, and frameless glass panels can be used in the process. 

Security Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Guard 

If you are particularly concerned about the security of your home, this burglar-resistant option is a great solution for your sliding windows. It can be fitted with laminated safety glass, and additional security hardware can be added as needed. You’ll also have the option to add alert sensors for maximum protection. 

Retractable Insect Screen – Sky-Frame Fly 

Keep pesky bugs and insects out of the house in the summer with the Sky-Frame Flyscreen. It is a fully retractable solution that will be stored out of sight, so it’s a great option for modern homes that sometimes experience issues with flies. 

Insulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Classic 

This is the basic model from Sky-Frame, but it still offers a stylish and minimalist architectural solution. The ceiling-hight glass facades will look great in any home, and you’ll be able to enjoy the view outdoors more than ever before. 

Insulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Automation 

One of the things we love the most about the Sky-Frame Automation is that it’s powered by electricity. It offers a noiseless operation, and with just the click of a button, your windows and doors can open and close. 

Insulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Arc 

Within domestic architecture, the Arc sliding doors help to soften the contours. The curved elements and a softer look to any home, and you can add an automatic drive if needed during the installation. If you have a very angular home, this will make it feel more welcoming and approachable to visitors. 

There are so many options when it comes to Sky-Frame products that you could add to your home. Whether you are looking to add windows or doors to your home, you’ll enjoy the benefits of all of these products listed above to help create a light and airy living space. For more information about Sky-Frame products and how they can be used in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. 

By Cathy