In today’s world, as individuals and businesses, are we now looking at ways we can become even more environmentally friendly.  How we can reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint by opting for products and resources that pursue a high level of environmental sustainability. 

When it comes to Sky-Frame products, the good news is you will find all the various systems available to be robust, tested, and of the highest quality, supporting all environmental aspects and abiding by all quality guidelines. 

To help consumers further and allow us to make the most informed decisions, environmental credentials are now made available for various products, their systems, and the processes they use and go through. 

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides specific information about various products and all environmental aspects concerning the particular product.  For example, what is the product’s life cycle assessment (life cycle assessment encompasses raw materials supply, transportation, and manufacturing processes)?  What is their grey energy, and more? 

This information is pulled together into a robust report that allows you to examine similar products against each other, creating a competitive advantage and a unique selling point for those that score higher. 

The information the EPD provides includes resource consumption, CO2 emissions, how sustainable the product is, and more. 

EPD for Sky-frame doors and windows 

EPD relating to Sky-Frame products looks at their sustainability alongside their impact on the environment.  The Sky-Frame life cycle is also linked to the building’s ecological rating and certification, with EPD integrated into Sky-Frame’s environmental management system. 

What’s great about the Sky-Frame design is that it can save approximately five hundred tonnes of CO2 in just four years, with the powder coating on the frames also helping to reduce C02 emissions as transport routes are reduced. 

Sky-Frames are also officially certified by ISO 14001 as these systems are continually upgraded, with new and further innovative processes developed. 

What ISO 14001 means to you: 

  • You can benefit from potential energy savings, lowering overall costs.
  • Keeps you compliant with environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Improves safety and security. 
  • Improves environmental protections. 
  • Certified companies like Clear Living operate as professional suppliers, which means, you can have confidence and security, knowing that these systems are 100% the right ones for you. 

Environment-friendly Sky-Frame 

Protecting the environment is a big part of the Sky-Frame concept and its success.  Not only is protecting the environment good for business, but for you as a Sky-Frame customer, it can provide you with a great deal of potential savings as you reduce your energy consumption and overall environmental costs. 

Sky-frame systems help create rooms and areas that know no boundaries—creating a sense of space, opening up homes, and inviting the outside world in. 

Providing you with a feeling of quality, luxury, and high value, Sky-Frame can be customised to suit your property, providing you with style and sophistication in abundance. 

Bringing clear visions to life. Sky-Frame is extremely innovative, with new products coming onto the market at just the right time. 

Designed to meet specific requirements and a range of spaces, Sky-Frame doors and windows suit new buildings, those with new extensions, as well as older buildings that you’re looking to upgrade and modernise.  Offering you incredible functionality, high quality, and sustainability. 

They’re also diverse, attractive, fine structures, aesthetically appealing, and offer you unobstructed views, always. 

Sky-Frame life cycle 

Offering stability through a combination Sky-Frame systems brings your room and space to life. 

Of course, we understand that these systems are an investment, so durability and longevity can be key in decision-making.  Maintenance and care are also significant factors as we start to look into sustainability and product life cycles, with the aim of keeping costs as low as possible. 

The good news is Sky-Frame systems are designed to last. 

With a timeless design, Sky-Frame doors will match your property and your interior perfectly. 

Sky-Frame and Clear Living continuously look at ways to improve processes in order to improve the impact on the environment. That’s why all Sky-Frame products are incredibly robust, durable, and designed to last. What’s more, the Clear Living team is highly trained, and we guarantee all product installation too. 

Clear Living 

At Clear Living, we build our success on our high standard of manufacturing and installation.  

Providing you with exceptional customer service at all points and a team of professionals to support your high-quality Sky-Frame products. 

All of our processes are quality assured and certified and we continually look at ways we can advance and improve our products, services, and processes. Helping to reduce the consumption of resources and minimise our impact on the environment. 

Complying with all environmental legislation and guidelines, Sky-Frame doors integrate with your space to create free-flowing transitions throughout. 

To find out about the range of Sky-Frame systems available and to see how we can help you, call 01606 45109 today. 

By Cathy