There’s no denying that a project involving architectural glazing takes a lot of time and effort. When you outsource this work to an architectural glazing company, they’ll be there to support you throughout the process. Our team will work through various stages to design and plan your project, which will result in incredible updates to your home or property. Let’s take a look at the key considerations we’ll keep in mind when working together on an architectural glass project. 

Wind Load 

The wind load for your project is critical for our team to consider when starting work on architectural glazing. Our company will need to have the right wind load for your property or project, and this will dictate the systems that can be offered to you when we begin working together. We may need to perform tests beforehand to ensure the glazing system is tested for your wind load. If these tests aren’t performed by an architectural glazing company, you’ll find that there might be issues with weather tightness and wind movement in the future. This is a critical consideration for any project and will ensure you have a safe and secure building or your home for many years. 

Thermal Performance 

In the UK, there are minimum thermal performance requirements when it comes to glazing. We will calculate the SAP for the whole building that we are working on to see if you do need a higher-performance glazing solution for your building. We’ll discuss with you what performance level you need, and then our team will take it from there to ensure your needs are met. 

UV Filters 

The sun is one of the biggest concerns when planning and preparing for an architectural glass project. While it can make your home look great when it’s flooded with sunlight, you’ll find that furniture and artwork begin to fade over time. We’ll assess the space that the architectural glazing is being fitted into before adding UV filters to the glass if needed. We offer this solution within any project and believe it’s a worthwhile addition to many architectural glazing projects. 

Materials to Use for The Project 

Some projects require different material options when using various framing options. This is one of the most important considerations for any project, especially when using steel or aluminium framing. If your site is based near the coast, you’ll need a marine-grade finish, which is recommended for any site within just five miles of the coast. The salty air can have a huge impact on the project, and you’ll find that when this coating is applied, it lasts for much longer than expected. We’ll look at where your site is located and discuss with you the best solutions. 

Solar Control Solutions 

If a project is facing south, we’ll start by considering solar gain. Our team will ensure that you have the correct amount of solar control so that there are no issues in the future after the work is completed. While there are cheaper reflective coating options on the market, you’ll find that some of the modern coatings offer better levels of transparency. 

Drainage for Architectural Glazing 

When water runs off the new architectural glass, we need to ensure it has somewhere to go in your property. Our team will plan the drainage so that there is no risk of flooding or other issues. We’ll let you know what the strategy for managing water drainage is, and then we can install this as needed for your home or building. 

Property Access 

Finally, the last area we’ll look at is property access and how we are going to work on the installation. Before we start work, we need to ensure we can get to the doors, windows, and glass so that they can be installed without any issues. Some of the larger projects our architectural glazing company works on require a crane, but this adds to the cost of the work quite significantly. Large projects may even require a road closure, so we’ll work to secure the required permits. Some rooms are more challenging than others when it comes to access, such as basements. We’ll make sure we know exactly how we’ll undertake this work before arriving at your home on the first day. 

As you can see, there are so many different elements our team will consider when planning and preparing for your project. The more we can plan ahead, the more likely we’ll be to complete the project on time and with no issues. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have during this stage so that we can work together to resolve any potential issues further down the line. For more information about working together to install architectural glazing, contact our team today. 

By Cathy