Large spaces that serve multiple purposes can be challenging to design and meet everyone’s varying wants and needs. 

To help, pointed-supporting glass systems allow for customisable, flexible, and innovative solutions, supporting high wall applications and creating stunning, aesthetically pleasing areas filled with natural light. 

When thinking about glass structures for your property and commercial buildings, it’s important to be aware of all the options available to you. 

Print supported structural glass systems are one of these options, providing you with transparent entrances, facades, lobby areas, and more. 

But that’s not all…. 

Supported glass systems 

Pointed supporting glass consists of a series of glazed panels connected through what is commonly known as spider fittings.  The great thing about these particular systems is that they aren’t actually load-bearing as the structural glass takes the load. 

These systems can be fastened to solid walls at the perimeters and they can easily be reconfigured if required, as connections offer minimal holes in the main structure. 

The glass itself consists of tempered glass with exact holes that allow the glass to be secured to the structure using the appropriate bolted fittings. 

Structures are typically stainless steel cables, glass fins, or steel members, with fittings remaining small so full transparency can be achieved. 

They can also be installed angled, straight, or curved, allowing the system to fit any space perfectly. In addition, they can be anchored at specific points, helping to deflect from wind loading more than their aluminium curtain wall system counterparts.  This deflection is also one of the reasons why the glass is thicker in these systems compared to standard curtain wall units. 

With a choice of suspended glass structures as well as fixing them to floors and ceilings, these systems can provide you with a lot of freedom for creativity. 

Benefits of structural glazing systems 

You can make large spaces smaller and more suitable for specific purposes without losing the feeling of space or light.  From showrooms to conference rooms, you have the design flexibility to offer it all. 

They can offer you superior design creativity – structural glass solutions to enhance your office design and integrate with existing materials seamlessly—materials such as wood, glass, and even polycarbonate.  Often thought of as a superior choice, these systems also support the ever-changing needs of businesses.  For example, retail spaces that change their shop floor look and style with every season or a car showroom that updates their displays based on new models on the market. 

Aesthetically pleasing – providing you with a modern and contemporary look and feel, these systems are also versatile enough to fit with traditional structures.  Perfect for meeting a wide range of designs, creativity, and spaces. 

Enhanced acoustics – open office plans can suffer terribly with sound privacy.  Noises and conversations travelling through these open spaces, causing an unproductive and unpleasant work environment.  With pointed-supporting glass systems, you can have unobstructed views, let natural light travel through all areas of the office, AND reduce the amount of noise that travels from one work area to another. It’s also important to note that when these systems are used as partitions, the structures will ensure private conversations remain private. 

Can let in a healthy amount of natural light – natural light can not only be a natural mood booster (helping to increase productivity), it can also help to showcase products and workspaces better too.  Natural light also helps to reduce costs, especially energy costs, in the long run. 

Great for large spaces – now you can create various areas all fit for purpose with flexible and modular separation structural glazing solutions.  These systems can also accommodate, with ease, high ceilings and wide spans. 

Professionally designed and precision-engineered, these systems can provide you with numerous options and innovative ideas. 

It’s essential you work with an experienced and professional team that uses the best systems around, ensuring stress is checked correctly and tested thoroughly. 

Offering full design integrity, manufacturing, and installation, the team at Clear Living installs structural glass wall systems on-site. 

Helping to reduce the barrier between your outside environment and the inside world, if you’re interested in pointed supporting glass and to get started, call Clear Living today on 01606 45109

By Cathy