Sky-Frame door systems have increased in popularity over the years as homeowners look to maximise their internal space, open up areas to let in more natural light, and combine indoor and outdoor living.  These all-glass, stylish door systems also help to add a contemporary and modern feel to any property. 

Maximising space and providing spectacular views, we install Sky-Frames into walls, ceilings, and flooring, with only 20mm of the vertical glazing bar left visible.  Providing homeowners with an abundance of natural light and uninterrupted views. 

This is what sets Sky-Frame apart. 

However, the installation of these doors can be challenging. This is why to ensure you reap the benefits of this innovative technology; a professional installation team must carry out Sky-Frame installation. 

A team with experience in the industry, experience with the technology, and a team with precision engineering expertise and knowledge to provide you with a high-quality job. 

Skyframes suitable for all 

More and more commercial properties opt for Sky-Frame to provide a greater feeling of space.  To make commercial premises feel much more open and welcoming. 

The contemporary and modern look of these doors is also one of the main reasons more, and more homeowners are looking to install Sky-Frame into their properties. 

Updating and modernising homes, these floor-to-ceiling glass doors create a timeless, sleek, and modern look and feel to any property. 

Sky-Frame also comes in various styles, allowing you to customise and tailor the solution to your requirements perfectly. 

The Classic, Arc, Slope, and Pivot systems offer rectilinear, organically curved, and inclined glass units, offering you a truly unique living experience. 

High thermal insulation and soundproofing are also achievable through the Sky-Frame 2 and Sky-Frame 3 (double and triple glazing), with electric drives, insect screens, and shading solutions available if required. 

Precision installation requirements 

Offering you floor to ceiling glass walls, the operation of Sky-Frame doors does differ from traditional patio doors as unlike rolling the door open on the wheels of the track, Sky-Frame are completely recessed into the floors and ceilings of the property and feature a sill track carriage which allows the doors to open effortlessly.  The flush threshold can be freely configured, creating open, light-flooded places. 

In addition to this, Sky-Frame can also include integrated drainage systems, allowing you to fully customise and tailor your Sky-Frame design to suit your requirements. 

To achieve these concealed frames and effortless operation, correct installation is vital. 

The preparation and installation of the frames is the most complex part, with the frames securely placed within your walls, floors, and ceilings with only a 20mm glazing frame left visible.  From here, specialist equipment is used to hold, lift, and position the glass in place. 

This specialist equipment involves using a Spyder crane that features suction cups, allowing teams to secure an incredible two tonne of glass at a time into the set frames.  

Using the crane, glass can then be manoeuvred into the exact location required for any floor of the property, sealing all units and causing minimal disruption. 

Spyder cranes are typically used on large commercial properties where glass walls and glass wall frames encompass the entire front façade of the building, covering several stories in height. 

At Clear Living, all of our engineers have experience and are thoroughly trained and qualified to carry out glass wall installation.  Providing you with confidence that your glass wall frames are in good hands. 

Installation of Sky-Frame type 

Classic units – mounted in streamlined frames, classic Sky-Frame are fitted flush with the floor and ceiling, with each unit running smoothly when in operation. 

Arc units – creating a curved front, these rounded units offer smooth performance, equipped with an automatic drive. 

Slope units – can extend into the room or project outwards from the façade at an angle of 20 degrees, making it suitable for all vertical and horizontal forces. 

Pivot units – doors swing on an asymmetrical axis, offering a temporary spatial structure. 

Sky-Frame plain – the sliding door glides seamlessly along a narrow gap in the floor.  The same flooring covers the space between the tracks as the interior of the room.  


Like all slimline doors, once Sky-Frame doors have been installed, they should be maintained and serviced to keep them in good working order. 

To help, make sure: 

  • You keep the glass clean using warm water and a diluted detergent.  Using a non-abrasive glass cleaner with a soft brush or other suitable applications can help. 
  • Sliding door tracks are kept clean at all times and free from debris. 
  • If your locking system starts to deteriorate through wear and tear or there is a fault in the electronics, make sure to call a professional team immediately.  Delaying can only lead to further and costlier problems in the long run. 

At Clear Living, we have the right tools, equipment, and specialist team on hand to offer our customers the highest quality products matched with exceptional customer service.   

For a fully compliant frame installation service and offering customers full design concepts through to professional installation, we can support you with it all, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process from start to finish. 

Call us on 01606 45109 to find out more. 

By Cathy