When adding glass to an upcoming building project, we encourage you to research and consider the various options on offer to you. With so many buildings incorporating glass into their space, more businesses are beginning to consider this as a good option for their next commercial project. When planning your upcoming project, you need to decide between structural glass façades and slim framed façade systems. Both of these are excellent options for different projects, so you’ll want to consider which of these glass facade systems would be the best option for your upcoming project. 

Glass Framing 

When using structural glass within a project, there is no frame needed for the installation. This is how we create unique buildings such as those seen in cities like London, where no frame is needed in even the largest of buildings. A slim façade system uses a slim frame, which is only 35mm on average. This can help to keep heavy glass units in place, but the frame will increase in size depending on the weight of the glass. This is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when you are using glass within a building project, and it can have a huge impact on the final aesthetic of the building. 

The Size of the Glass 

The size of the glass that you use in the project will depend on the weight of the structural glass you are using. With so many options on offer, this can often be a difficult choice. Triple glazing and thick laminated glass need more support, so the size of the panes of glass will naturally be reduced for safety reasons. Structural glass does not have a maximum glass size, but the budget you are working with will impact this decision. In general, the biggest glass panes that are used here in the UK currently are 6 metres by 3.2 metres. You’ll have to source glass from overseas if you are looking to use larger pieces of glass. Naturally, this will make a huge difference to the cost of the project and the weight of each piece of glass. 

The Shape and Design of the Project 

Structural glass systems are used in projects of all shapes and sizes. A structural glass wall doesn’t have to be straight and rectangular, and this is why structural glass is so beneficial to architectural projects. Structural glazing is incredibly versatile, which is why it’s used in almost any building project involving glass. You could even create a 3D structure now using glass, thanks to the ability to create different shapes and angles. It can easily be added to heritage or listed buildings, which is why structural glass is used in both contemporary buildings and older properties. 

The Type of Glass Used 

When deciding on the type of façade you will use for your upcoming glass project, you’ll find that you have a wide choice of glass specifications to choose from. Within just one pane of glass, you could combine laminated glass, triple glazing, and decorative glass to create your desired look and feel. This offers designers more freedom, and it’s how some of the world’s unique glass buildings have come to be. As well as the look of the glass panels, you’ll want to consider the environmental benefits of each piece of glass. Low-e coatings and solar control coatings offer many benefits to building owners, and they are well worth considering for your upcoming building project with our team. 


Finally, the number one consideration for many building projects is staying on budget. Of course, glass is not always a cheap solution for building work, especially if you are opting to create an entire structure made of glass. Large units of glass will need to be shipped to the UK, which could add dramatically to the cost of the project. A slim façade system is often used for this reason, as it can sometimes save money over structural glass façade options. Of course, this is all taken on a case by case basis, as the number of glass façade details you add and the size of the building you are working on will both impact the price. 

When planning an upcoming construction project involving glass, it’s critical to keep all the above elements in mind to pick the right structural façade option for your needs. Structural glass facades come in all shapes and sizes, and by following our advice listed above, you can create a unique building for your business. Contact our team today for more information about structural glass and how it can be incorporated into a new or existing building. We offer bespoke design solutions for buildings of all shapes and sizes and will be excited to collaborate with you on your upcoming project. 

By Cathy