Glass windows and facades used across large buildings and landmarks can create a stunning impact. 

Suitable for numerous applications, glass provides unobstructed views, it has an aesthetically pleasing appeal, and it can help bring the outside in, boosting natural light and creating an incredible feeling of space. 

Structural glass can also be used for art. Combining printed patterns with a building’s façade, you now have the opportunity to create stunning masterpieces that are simply unique. 

At, we support you with all of your structural glazing requirements. Working with various commercial properties and homes to provide the perfect glazing solution to suit your specifications.  

What is structural glass? 

Structural glass is a reinforced material where the glass takes the structural load, and the glass itself supports its weight rather than the weight and load of the framework. 

Creating brighter, bigger, open spaces, there is a feeling of transparency when structural glazing solutions come into play, maximising light opportunities and the feeling of space, different types of structural glass styling can create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

How structural glazing can be used 

From structural glass curtain walls to glass roofs, glass beams, sliding doors and more, structural glass designs come in all shapes and forms. 

Glass extensions – from walls to ceilings, doors, and floors, glass extensions can help you to extend your home and bring more of your outside environment in! Don’t settle for off the shelf designs to extend your space, we design unique extensions to seamlessly combine your current space with the new.  

Frameless glass balustrades – frameless glass structures are increasing in popularity as they provide owners with strong, safe, and stylish designs.  Maximising light transmission, these solutions offer a modern and contemporary look that is aesthetically pleasing and adds value to the property. 

Structural glass has transformed what is now possible.  Changing the scale, scope, design, and style of developments, matched with the ever-increasing capability of technology, the possibilities are endless. 

To find out more about the various structural glass solutions available across multiple applications, make sure to check out our blog post HERE

Glass is so much more than just another cladding element.  Working with the right team, an experienced and professional team can help you create unique structural glazing solutions that can offer you a whole host of benefits. 

Ultimately, with frameless glass the possibilities are endless, allowing you to customise the design of your building perfectly. 

Whether for a new building or as part of a refurbishment of an existing property, structural glass can help to transform your home and workspace – breathing new life into tired environments. 

At Clear Living, we have years of professional experience designing and installing structural glass for a range of applications suitable for various businesses. 

Our team works with all our clients to examine all the creative and innovative uses of structural glass to create the most stunning, visually appealing effects. We have in house structural engineers and designers; we pride ourselves on doing the jobs other companies cannot do from an engineering capability point of view. 

Offering you unique and creative solutions, with innovation in abundance, if you have a large scale residential or commercial project in mind, we’d love to hear from you. 

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By Cathy