For anyone who isn’t too familiar with the glass options on the market, the various terms that are used to describe different types of glass can often be overwhelming and confusing. Today we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about the term structural glass and how it can be used in your home or business property. Find out more here about the glass options on offer to your commercial properties today. 

What is Structural Glass? 

The term structural glass can be used to describe a wide range of products but basically refers to a frameless glass assembly that involves the glass taking some structural load. This will be dependent on the type of project you are working on and where the glass is intended to be put on the property. For example, structural glass could be used to create a glass floor, and in this case, it will need to be strong enough and constructed to take the weight of many humans. Structural engineering is critical to ensure that any glass fixture is safe and secure, and you’ll always want to choose a team of professionals with many years of experience in this field to undertake this project for you. 

What are the Benefits of Structural Glazing? 

Structural glazing can be seen in many of the most popular modern buildings today, and it offers so many advantages to building owners and visitors to the site. These are just a few of the key benefits of structural glazing that you can expect to see when it’s used in any project. 

The Beauty of Structural Glass 

Structural glazing often involves using frameless glass, which creates an aesthetically pleasing solution for property owners. The glass is thick and strong but doesn’t have a frame to support it during the installation. It will be fixed to your building’s structure, and you’ll find that this solution can be completely customised to fit the project you are undertaking. The great thing about this type of glass is that, even though it’s clear, the fixing elements will hide any of the work, so it will still have a stunning finish that will look great on any type of property. This creates the completely clear effect we see in buildings with glass walls, floors, and stairs. 

No Limit to the Size and Shape of Your Project 

Structural glass really doesn’t have much of a limit when it comes to the size of the framing system that’s used. It’s not ruled by maximum glass weights that are in place for façade systems, which means you can create impressive installations that will wow anyone who visits your property. This is how glass sculptures and entirely glass buildings are made, and as you will surely know, it’s one of the most impressive materials when it’s used to create unique designs. When companies are opting to create modern and remarkable headquarters for their business, they often opting to use glass to make this fantastic first impression on visitors. 

Connect With Nature 

The past year has made many of us reconsider our priorities, and one of these is wanting to spend more time outdoors and connecting with nature. Structural glazing is a great opportunity to bring the outdoors into your office or home and gives you more of a connection with the world around you. You’ll still enjoy complete protection from rain and wind, but you’ll experience more sunshine. Sunlight is known to offer many mental health benefits to individuals and will help to boost their mood during long working days. This is why so many businesses are building offices that bring the outdoors into their working spaces so that their employees are more productive and effective in their job roles. 

Modernise an Existing Property 

If you aren’t ready to knock down an existing property but know that it’s time for an upgrade, consider modernising the place with structural glazing. This is a great option for adding more light to a dark and old building without having to spend a fortune redesigning the whole space. You can add a unique structural glass feature to the entry of the property or use it to lighten up the darker rooms in the home. The great thing about structural glazing is that it’s such a versatile option and can be used in both traditional and modern homes and workplaces. 

Structural glass is an excellent solution for almost any type of building and can be used to create unique features that set your business apart from anywhere else. You’ll find that it creates a more welcoming and light space for your employees or family and that it brings some much-needed light into the inside space. Contact us today for more information about structural glass and how it can be used in your next building project. 

By Cathy