Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Xframe is a very slim window design with impressive thermal insulation and energy balance. Xframe is designed in composite material with a very low heat transfer and a high strength thus retaining heat within a building whilst the narrow profiles allow maximum daylight to flood through the windows.

Both vent and frame profiles are fabricated using GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester). The position of the gaskets ensures a thermal break will be retained when handles and hinges are installed.

Xframe is visually extremely slim. Its special internal profiles which can be incorporated in various constructions ensure an airtight and efficient assembly.

Xframe is the only system on the market with both inward and outward opening units with identical profile thickness and design which combines aesthetics and function in one single system.
As there is neither indoor condensation nor cold air fall, it is possible to install the windows right to the floor without any need for radiators.