With ceiling-high door panels, as well as organically curved and inclined glass units, Sky-Frame is the key to individual spatial concepts and extraordinary architecture. True to the Bauhaus vision of  “free-flowing space”, the sliding doors open up the living area with a flush transition. This allows inside and outside to merge seamlessly into one another. Thanks to the timeless frameless door design, the view is elevated to a fascinating design element.

The Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made and stands for precise engineering and the pursuit of the best possible window.

The Sky-Frame system combines both the demand for conventional window frame thicknesses and the modern requirements of today’s standards and is undoubtedly the new generation of sliding door. Its profile thickness of just 20mm conveys slimmer slight-lines incorporating larger glass panels whilst simultaneously providing a sophisticated solution with regards to building physics and technology.

A number of different opening variations are available with multiple running track configurations. Additional design features are also available including hygienic ventilation, integrated insect screens, electric drives, sliding into recesses, glass corners and opening corners.

  • Sky-Frame 2 – Double glazed Sky-Frame
  • Sky-Frame 3 – Triple glazed Sky-Frame
  • Sky-Frame Slope – Sloping Sky-Frame
  • Sky-Frame Arc – Curved Sky-Frame
  • Sky-Frame Pivot- Pivot opening Sky-Frame

“A view, not a window”





The details in the frameless Doors 

Frameless sliding doors offer more than just an expanded view. They open up spaces and help you to bring the outside in, creating a modern contemporary feel to any property. 

This architectural creative Swiss-made solution offers a smooth and flush transition between indoor living and outdoor vibes. 

With a focus on creating space that flows, Sky-Frame offers a new spatial concept that takes spatial boundaries in architecture to a whole new level. 

Now property owners can expect to see transparent assemblies with wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor glazing systems that create a seamless outlook that works in any space. 

With design and quality positioned at the forefront of the development of Sky-Frame, Sky-Frame looks to create places and rooms where people feel inspired and where there are no limits to architectural vision. 

Seamless views providing contemporary architecture 

New and dynamic Sky-Frame models continue to come to market with innovation and creativity that continues to impress—offering convenience, style, and sophistication on every door slide. 

With a flush-fitted transition, innovative materials, and a level of workmanship that is second to none, Clear Living makes sure you are provided with it all. 

We focus on creating lasting value, offering a sustainable solution that provides flexibility in design and some of the best energy efficiencies around. 

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Helping to make your vision a practical reality, we help to turn your property into an awe-inspiring masterpiece, with a team of experienced, professional, and a 100% capable installer of Sky-Frame, the Clear Living team.  

Bringing to you advanced technical architecture, spatial design, and the most incredible frameless glass door systems you can imagine. 

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Sky-Frame doors 

Robust, durable, and offering an unwavering level of strength, frameless glazing utilising Sky-Frame technology means your doors can withstand even the harshest of elements. 

Manufactured with the slimmest mullions, open corner options, and floor-to-ceiling glass, Sky-Frame can offer you the ultimate in indoor-outdoor living. 

Types of Sky-Frame facades include: 

Sky-Frame 2 – one of the most popular sky frame solutions, Sky-Frame 2 offers excellent thermal and sound controls, utilising slim double glazing insulated glass; this product provides outstanding performance no matter the climate. 

Sky-Frame 3 – with a thicker insulated glass in use, the Sky-Frame 3 meets the highest isolation standards and provides additional stability and greater resistance to wind loads. 

Classic – a timeless construction for the rectilinear door. These are one of the first-ever Sky-Frame, compromising insulated glass and focusing on energy efficiency. 

Arc – curved sliding doors, expect fluid lines and organic forms, with contemporary and modern designs guaranteed. 

Slope – installed with an inward or outward inclination creating a truly stunning effect. With superior running performance and a high level of resistance against driving rain, this Sky-Frame model meets all the technical elements you would expect from Sky-Frame installation. 

Pivot – Sky-Frame pivot allows the doors to open with ease while not compromising multi-point locking system security. 

With optional extras including: 

Fly/Insect screen – covering openings of up to 1m wide; when these screens aren’t in use, these screens will retract fully into the frame remaining entirely out of sight. 

Security – Sky-Frame come with multi-point locking systems with the option to increase security levels by adding deadbolts and glass breakage monitoring. 

Automation – allowing for a simple operation that is virtually noiseless, sliding elements all at the touch of a button. 

Pocket – open up any space with sliding sashes that are recessed, completely hidden out of sight. 

Plain– Flush threshold detail allowing unbroken flooring from inside outside without visible obstruction

From single, double, and even triple glazing, there is a frameless glazing system for all designs and specifications. 

Sky-Frame systems 

Electronic drives – operate the sky frames. 

Integrated drainage – offering a robust solution to removing surface water. 

Flush threshold – a concealed frame and track that provides a seamless outdoor, indoor transition. 

Minimal sightlines – just a 20mm frame will be visible, creating the ideal frameless sliding door system. 

Double or triple glazed – meeting all sound and thermal requirements, enhancing your thermal insulation, and meeting all regulatory standards. 

Be inspired. 

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Turn your home into an oasis 

Combining precision engineering and minimalist styling, today, frameless glass sliding doors can be custom in their design, meeting your exact requirements and specifications. 

It is about transforming property and buildings with frameless glass doors and slimline doors to create a timeless space. 

Uniting your interior with your exterior and creating a welcoming, modern, fresh, and vibrant areas. 

Areas that motivate people, inspire and portray 100% creativity. 

Whether you want to bring style into an urban home or flat situated in a busy city centre, or you’re looking to add a little extra elegance to a relaxed rural property, Clear Living provides Sky-Frame sliding glass doors to suit any project. 

Matched with our exceptional eye for detail, high quality, and level of customer service that you’re sure not to find anywhere else.  

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Benefits of installing floor to ceiling doors 

  • They can let in an incredible amount of natural light. 
  • It opens up spaces, removing chunky frames, so you have a completely unobstructed view. 
  • Creates an airier and larger impression of rooms and areas. 
  • Frameless sliding glass doors are often seen as practical. 
  • Offers a timeless appeal. 
  • Can increase levels of security. 
  • Provides you with a feeling of luxury—an elegant and distinguished exterior. 
  • Can take your property to the next level. 

Whether you’re looking for curved sliding doors, frameless glass doors, or frameless pivot doors, our team is available to help you find the best solution. 

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