Curved Glass

Clear Living Glass can assist with bespoke curved glass designs. Glass can be curved to virtually any shape by heating it to very high temperatures. Curved glass can be subject to some minimal distortion across the surface due to the heating process.

Switchable Glass

Glass known as switchable glass are units that switch from clear to opaque for privacy and solar control.

Using low voltage power packs the units change on the flick of a switch allowing homeowners or commercial environments a choice from crystal clear vision or complete privacy, whenever it is needed. Various configurations can be supplied including colour tinted, fire-rated, double glazed, curved and shaped.

Bespoke Work

Clear Living welcome bespoke designs of any glass structure and are happy to help and advice accordingly. We may not be able to undertake the work ourselves every time, but our staff will always attempt to use their expertise in referring to a relevant company.

We have installed our systems in various applications and thrive on new challenges and on attempting to make the impossible, possible. Clear Living has years of experience and will provide you with their expertise in creating the perfect design. If something is not possible we will attempt to advise what is possible to ensure time is not wasted