The use of unique mechanical fixings can create clean uninterrupted glass structures with minimal or no external framing. Single, laminated or double skin glass can be used depending upon design requirements. Double skin units have maximum insulative properties in line with the latest legislative requirements. Laminated glass adds a further dimension in terms of safety which is particularly useful in roof structures, canopies and atria.

Various support structures are used for structural glass screens including aluminium, steel, timber and glass fins.

Clear Living is an accredited installer of the Hansen Thermospan system, one of Europe’s leading systems, used to bolt glass back to a primary structure.

Structural glass has the ability to create completely frameless installations, opening up your space and providing you with a contemporary and modern design for your home or commercial premises. 

At Clear Living, we use a robust structural glass fixing system, putting our years of experience to the test, offering customers some of the best structural glass solutions around. 

Providing you with frameless structural glazing systems, these types of glass wall structures support architects in their vision and creativity. Opening up spaces, flooding homes and businesses with more natural light, bringing the outdoors inside seamlessly, and maximising thermal insulation through inbuilt thermal breaks. 

(Note: The thermal break within structural glass designs provides a high level of thermal insulation, much higher than that offered via other glazing solutions. Removing the normal thermal bridging issue of structural glass.) 

Offering architects, a great deal of flexibility in design, structural glass can provide you with an outstanding structural glass extension that is 100% compliant with all industry standards and guidelines. 

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Structural glazing uses 

Structural glazing is suitable for: 

  • Glass walls 
  • Glass extensions 
  • Glass link extensions 
  • Glass corridor extension 
  • Frameless glass extensions 
  • Juliette balconies 
  • Structural glass balustrade 
  • Roof flights 
  • Glass roof/canopies 
  • And more! 

As specialists in manufacturing and installing structural glazing systems, all of our glass products are installed by our experienced and professional team, installing and working on creative projects throughout the UK. 

Structural Glass Designs 

Glass room extensions – stunning in their design and adding a contemporary touch to any property, modern glass extensions are not only aesthetically pleasing they also offer a high level of practicality by allowing more light into homes and keeping heat in (hence reducing energy costs) while keeping the cold out. At Clear Living, we have years of experience designing and installing various structural glass extensions bringing creativity and innovation to life by opening up and creating new and dynamic internal spaces. 

Roof lights – bringing more natural light into any space, roof lights are incredibly modern and add a contemporary look and feel to any property. An ideal solution where sliding glass doors are limited. 

Bespoke skylights – we work with you to design individually shaped skylights to meet your requirements. From mono-pitched, dual pitched, pyramid, and lantern shapes, we can help support you with it all. 

The Clear Living Team 

Our team members are trained and experienced structural glass fitters with many years of experience working across various projects of all sizes, scopes, and scales. 

We also work with architects and consultants, offering you a first-class service and high-quality products at all times. 

Some high-quality products and services we offer include: 

  • Coloured laminated glass panels 
  • Glass beams 
  • Rooflights 
  • Work on glass floors 
  • Drive on and walk on structural glass floors 
  • Bespoke glass skylights 
  • Glass garden room extension 
  • Glasshouse extensions 
  • Glass kitchen extension 
  • And more. 

A professional structural glass design provides a smooth, elegant, and flush surface, making a positive impact and stand-out feature on any property. 

At Clear Living, our in-house design team, work in both 2D and 3D design, with in-house engineering that utilises FEA analysis. 

What does this mean for you? 

We can simulate and test all designs, checking quality, suitability, and performance. Providing you with great visuals and a clear picture of what to expect, with the FEA analysis providing vital information on how structures will react to external and internal elements, such as heat, vibrations, etc.  

Our professional and trained engineers will use all of this information and more to ensure the right design and the correct installation for you. 

Why opt for structural glass? 

  • Structural glazing is unrivalled in the stability and safety aspects it can provide.  
  • It allows architects complete design flexibility to create bright, spacious, and pleasant homes and work environments. 
  • In addition, utilising stainless steel fittings housed in countersunk holes means glass facades can be fixed to the physical structure, offering you a robust and highly durable, long-term product. 
  • The light and airy spaces that you create help to promote a great work environment, which in turn helps to boost morale and play a big part in increasing productivity. 

At Clear Living, we design, manufacture, and supply all structural glazing systems, providing a range of design and installation services to meet all requirements. 

What’s more, we guarantee a high level of quality, adhering to all industry standards and compliance regulations. 

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Build highly attractive work environments with structural glass systems 

Clear Living has a dedicated team of professionals with an unrivalled understanding of structural glass systems, solutions, production capabilities, and on-site requirements. 

We cover the full range of structural glass applications, from small, straightforward installations to complete bespoke design packages, including building cladding. 

We understand our customer’s demand for high performance, and we know that flexibility in design is key. That’s why we work with the highest quality products and to the highest of industry standards, providing not only the right structural glass solution but the best. 

Working with you on project specifications, technical aspects, feasibility, costings, and more, we provide you with contemporary, bright, and attractive living and workplaces. 

Suitable for internal and external support structures, structural glazing can be as subtle or dominant as you require. 

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Glass types 

There are various glass types available, including: 

  • Laminated safety glass 
  • Insulated glass units 
  • Clear glass 
  • Printed glass 
  • Energy-efficient glass 
  • Solar control glass 

Generally, due to the nature of structural glass and its uses, toughened glass or laminated is the preferred glass choice. 

To accompany glass choice, there are also three main types of structures available: 

Steel – this can take the design form of mullions, or it can be more intricate and come in the form of trusses. 

Tension – this is a support system that is aesthetically pleasing and engineered specifically for each individual project. 

Glass – here, glass fins and glass beams work together to support the main facade wall. 

Our expertise in various glass types means you can have complete flexibility in performance, appearance, and transparency, and we will work with you when choosing the most appropriate structure. 

Ultimately structural glass and glazing solutions are integral to the overall design, look, and feel of a building. 

Involving large glass panels, frameless sliding doors, load-bearing high-strength glass floors, and more, structural glass can offer it all. 

Whether you’re considering a small glass extension, a 2-storey glass extension to your property, or as a business, you require a structural glass wall, let us help you. 

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